Friday, June 20, 2014

From Live Action: "I can't even degrade animals that way."

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In Live Action's latest investigative footage, Planned Parenthood workers tell 15-year-old girls how to engage in dangerous BDSM sex practices, as well as recommend specific porn sites and local sex shops.
One local station went to the streets of Indianapolis to ask moms about their opinion of this shocking video.  Here's one response:
It’s no wonder each generation seems to get further and further away from the principles of family and decency and self-respect, when we are trying to teach our youth to be no more than an – animals don’t even act that way.  I can’t even degrade animals that way.
You can find more coverage, both local and national, on our press page.

Planned Parenthood threatens lawmakers to kill pro-life amendments

California Planned Parenthood affiliates launched an alert to members of the state legislature, urging lawmakers to kill all pro-life measures, including amendments that would ban sex-selective abortions. The memo, dated June 12, stated that the Golden State is a “pro-choice state,” and amendments to restrict abortion would greatly threaten abortion access. Read more...
University of Calgary pro-lifers win free speech battle Four years after being found guilty of misconduct for refusing to take down their pro-life display, seven students at the University of Calgary have won their appeal. Read more...
Teens & Taxpayers: How Planned Parenthood is abusing both
Earlier this week, I was accused of wanting to “feel dominant.” This, I was told, is the reason why I and other Live Action supporters are  waging a “ war on women” by seeking to end abortion. That sounds odd when you consider that Live Action was founded by a woman and women make up the majority of its authors at Live Action News. Further, if the pro-life movement really is fighting a war against women, then polls show that around half of America’s ladies don’t seem to know it. Read more...
Criminal cases move forward against Indiana and Georgia criminal abortionists
This has been a busy week for criminal abortionists. The cases of Charles Rossman and Ulrich Klopfer, in Georgia and Indiana, respectively, both moved forward. Rossman heads to prison and it appears that Klopfer may do the same. Read more...

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