Friday, June 6, 2014

Spirit and Life: Contraception: The Gateway to Moral Decay


Based on the findings of a recent Gallup poll released on May 30, Americans are becoming more accepting of a number of controversial issues. At the top of Gallup's list of 19 issues was contraception, of which 90 percent of Americans approve, followed by divorce at 69 percent and premarital sex at 66 percent. Others making the top ten were embryonic stem cell research (65%), childbirth outside of marriage (58%), same-sex unions (58%), euthanasia (52%) and abortion (42%).
These numbers shouldn't surprise us; after all Americans have been steadily rejecting a Judeo-Christian morality in favor of secular relativism for decades. In the so-called sexual revolution of the late 1960s, sex was separated from the person -- body and soul -- and the human body became regarded as an instrument one could manipulate and even exploit for pleasure.

Of course, it goes back more than a few decades. As is often the case, what seems like a sudden explosion was really the logical outcome of hundreds of years of growing confusion about who we are as persons.
René Descartes (1596-1650) was a French scientist and philosopher who many credit with helping to launch what later became known, somewhat ironically, as "the Enlightenment." Among his contributions to the way people thought was to place body and soul in opposition to each other, later leading to the idea that the human body could simply be seen as an object one could manipulate according to one's desires. Simply put, you are your mind, and you have a body; as opposed to the traditional Christian view that you are both body and soul. In this, Descartes followed Francis Bacon (1561-1626), who believed that the goal of human knowledge should be to successfully achieve not stewardship of, but domination over, nature.

It's telling that today this does not sound controversial to many people. It's even difficult to see how radical this change was, but let's put it this way: instead of beginning with the idea that we grasp reality through our senses and think about it, we would now begin with our own mind as the basis of knowledge and from there subjectively interpret reality.

Books are still being written about what became known in philosophy as mind/body dualism, a view that is rejected by the Church. This dualistic view is assumed by most today, even though most don't realize it or see how it informs even their most basic assumptions about reality, and other people.

Okay, enough philosophy. Let's look at how this affects our lives today with respect to our own bodies and relationships, the results of which are shouting at us from the Gallup poll...

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President, Human Life International

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