Friday, June 27, 2014

Heroic News: “No obstacle too big for this dad's love” plus 11 more

When James Geier goes on a hike with his son, we have to imagine Marvin Gaye's spirit is somewhere nearby, singing the lyrics to his 1967 hit, "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low."
It is commonly thought that the rate of divorce in the church is the same as the rate of divorce among those outside the church, supposedly a whopping 50 percent. According to Harvard-trained researcher Shaunti Feldhahn, though, the rate of divorce among church attenders is “maybe 15 percent, maybe 20 percent for all marriages.”
The husband of a Sudanese Christian woman facing threats after her apostasy death sentence was overturned has expressed relief that the family has been given refuge at the US embassy in Khartoum.
When director Gillian Robespierre co-wrote the new "romantic comedy" Obvious Child, she says she wanted to bring attention to an empowered, funny woman who has a "realistic, safe" abortion.
"Before we even watch the video or form an opinion, let’s remember one thing. The real, true, deep down message of this ad is that you, the viewer, should like Verizon. "
In 2003, a trio of laywomen in Denver were inspired by the writings of Pope John Paul II to create a Catholic study apostolate for women.
"It is time to decide people. either human life is valuable, all human life...the starving children in developing countries...the kidnapped girls in nigeria...those caught in war zones around the world...those caught in the war zone of being in utero...or life is not valuable."
The average pop song is about a drinking at a party and sleeping with person A, B, and/or C. But when you can’t afford it, when you don’t have the money to help negate the material consequences of this preached and promoted individualistic sexual life — it gets sad.

Recent strides in stem-cell research show adult stem cells to be ever-more-promising, many scientists say, quelling the controversy steeped in faith and science that has long surrounded embryonic stem cells.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a Massachusetts law requiring protesters to stay at least 35 feet from the entrances to clinics that provide abortions is unconstitutional, a decision that cast a legal cloud over similar provisions in 15 other states.

There are also concerns that the morning-after pill could reduce the fertility of teenage girls later in life, according to a report by the Scottish Council of Human Bioethics.

France's top administrative court ruled on Tuesday that doctors should be allowed to take a tetraplegic man off life support after nearly six years in a coma, siding with his wife in a case that has revived a debate about euthanasia.