Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heroic News: “His Promise Would Not Be Denied” plus 4 more

I got pregnant not long after we started dating. We tried to stretch out the time to make it seem longer, but in truth we could count on one hand the number of weeks we had been together.
Their wedding guests were not expecting this.
Watch her family's reaction to the big news.
Under a new law, abortions will be illegal in Florida at any point in a woman's pregnancy if her doctor determines that the baby could survive outside the womb.
The practice of incinerating aborted fetus as part of waste-to-energy programs could be a common practice in the United States. Marion County, Oregon, halted shipments from a leading medical waste company, Stericycle, after claims that aborted babies from Canada had been imported with other waste products and used to power electricity plants.