Thursday, June 12, 2014

From Created Equal: Return of Operation Overpass . . .

19,000 Commuters See Abortion
Columbus, OH – June 12, 2014 – Created Equal's Operation Overpass is back. And people are already talking. After driving underneath our large images of aborted children displayed above a busy highway recently, Patrick Conlan tweeted:
I'm not pro-abortion, but I also don't want to see huge signs of dead baby's saying "abortion is death" at an overpass at 8am. #vomit
When this project was launched, 19,000 commuters were tallied passing under our signs in a single morning! Operation Overpass exists because there is no "right" to an untroubled day so long as human beings are being routinely butchered and discarded in our communities. We wish there were no need to interrupt a commuter's morning or a student's afternoon with the tragedy of abortion. But as long as the injustice continues, any concern of displeasing others falls well below the priority of loving the victims by exposing the evil that claims their lives.
Will you conduct Operation Overpass in your city? All you need is a few individuals willing to stand with you. We have the signs and will guide you through the logistics. Call me. We will help you reach your city.
For life,

Mark Harrington
Executive Director
Created Equal
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