Monday, June 2, 2014

Heroic News: “Planned Parenthood tries its hand at Bible-thumping” plus 3 more

cherishlifeWow. Planned Parenthood is unbelievable.

The group is now issuing a “pastoral letter” to prospective abortion clients attempting to justify murdering babies with Christian and Jewish scripture.
Pope Francis has blamed a “culture of well-being” and comfort for convincing married couples that a carefree life of world travel and summer homes is better than having children.
Baroness Jane Campbell, Dr Phil Friend OBE, Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick OBE with the support of many other leading disabled people are organising a campaign to prevent a change in the law on assisted dying.
Tennessee woman Shona Carter-Brooks has come under fire for putting her newborn baby on the train of her wedding dress and dragged little Aubrey while she walked down the aisle.