Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Heroic News: “Homosexual 'marriage:' are we talking past each other?” plus 6 more

Last week’s March for Marriage in Washington, D.C. brought same-sex marriage into the forefront of social media discussions, from Facebook profile pictures to quick-fire Twitter arguments. What is so frustrating about this debate is that the two sides seem to talk right past each other.
Nearly 170 victims of child sex trafficking, many of whom had never been reported missing, were rescued in the last week as part of an annual nationwide crackdown, the FBI said Monday.
"We're just really trying to keep our relationship focused not on the physical but really just more on communication and continuing to learn more about each other," Jill has said. "We're saving our first kiss and things beyond that for our wedding."

France's top administrative court ruled on Tuesday that doctors should be allowed to take a tetraplegic man off life support after nearly six years in a coma, siding with his wife in a case that has revived a debate about euthanasia.
After having her death sentence for refusing to renounce her Christian faith revoked by the Sudanese court yesterday, Meriam Ibrahim has been re-arrested along with her husband at an airport.

A Virginia man who has fathered children with several women has agreed to get a vasectomy to reduce his prison term by up to five years in a child endangerment case that has evoked the country’s dark history of forced sterilization.

A federal judge on Monday threw out an Austin ordinance that required pregnancy resource centers, religiously based facilities that do not offer abortions or refer women to abortion providers, to post signs announcing that they do not offer "medical" care.