Friday, March 7, 2014

CNN poll: Americans widely support abortion restrictions

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A new CNN poll on abortion was released today, demonstrating that Americans widely support abortion restrictions. CNN’s claim that there there is a “wide divide over abortion” doesn’t exactly hold true. In fact, strong limitations on abortion won the survey with an eighteen-point gap. Such a margin does not indicate a widely divided public.
Rather, these numbers illustrate that Americans are consistently realizing the holes – and lies – in the “choice” mentality that advocates for abortion on demand, at any stage of life and for any reason. Americans continue to agree that killing our innocent, helpless children is not the answer to our problems. Blatant disregard for the human rights of others only advances cruelty, inhumanity, and inequality – not exactly American values. Read more...

Why are pro-abortion activists so driven to censor pro-lifers?

Pro-life and pro-abortion students clashed this week at the University of Georgia. Pro-life students erected a display, hosted by Justice for All, that included graphic images of aborted babies. Unsurprisingly, pro-abortion students were having none of that.
While pro-life students showed their peers the reality of abortion with graphic images, pro-choice students built a makeshift wall to block the images from view and held signs with statements like "Pussy Power" and "My Body, My Choice." Read more...
Belgium's King Philippe signs child euthanasia bill into law Yesterday, the Belgian king signed into law a controversial bill allowing for euthanasia of children. While it seemed unlikely that King Phillippe would do anything but sign the bill, there was worldwide controversy surrounding the law, including harsh condemnation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which rightfully said that this law makes children expendable. None of the controversy and outrage from around the world mattered, though. Children can now legally be killed in Belgium, no matter their age. Read more...
Pro-aborts vilify VA Republican for taking their own rhetoric to its logical conclusion Nothing makes pro-aborts happier than exploiting badly phrased statements from their enemies, and this week they found a new comment to freak out about in a Facebook post by Virginia Republican state Senator Steve Martin.
Most of the post is actually quite good, responding to a vile "Valentine" from the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition that, as Martin points out, hides the murder of our young under euphemisms about "raising healthy children" and "access to healthcare." Read more...
Stephen Lobb: An example of abortion's complicity in rape
LifeNews spotlighted a serial child rapist in England today, Stephen Lobb. Lobb had been arrested and jailed for impregnating an underage girl, but hours after being released, he found another target: a 14-year-old girl whom he proceeded to have sex with, and then pressured into an abortion.
Lobb, aged 20, formerly of Paradise Road, Plymouth, but now living in Carlton Road, Torquay, admitted four offenses of sexual activity with children and was jailed for three and a half years at Exeter Crown Court. Read more...

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