Sunday, March 9, 2014

Heroic News: “If GMOs in our food make us uneasy, then genetically modifying our offspring should be unthinkable.'” plus 3 more

n the last year, the Oregon Health and Science University announced that not only has it been successful in cloning human embryos and extracting embryonic stem cells, but also succeeded in creating embryos with three genetic parents.
A priest connected with the Vatican press office addressed Pope Francis' recent words on civil unions in an interview, noting that his comments were general and did not imply a change in Church doctrine.
The ever-decreasing number of abortion clinics continues its decline with the announcement of the closing of abortion clinics in Texas, Florida, and California.
A federal judge in Maryland on Friday struck down a county law that forced pro-life pregnancy counselors to advise women against using their services. The law mandated a signage that the county health department advises them to speak with a licensed medical professional.