Sunday, March 23, 2014

National Right to Life News This Week 3/23/14

Best of NRL News Today for the week of March 17-22, 2014   

New Smart-Phone "Appcessory" Allows Moms to Hear Unborn Child's Heartbeat

heartbeatapp By Randall K. O'Bannon, Ph.D.,
NRL Director of Education & Research
Pro-lifers have told people without fail that "abortion stops a beating heart," but perhaps no technology made that clearer than the fetal heartbeat stethoscope

One pro-abortion mind at work: contempt for babies, children, and pro-lifers

Amanda Marcotte By Dave Andrusko
When pro-abortionists truly go off the deep end, I am reluctant to go after them, in no small part because those over-the-top comments so often come wrapped in obscenities.

Our story: siblings, Down syndrome, & unexpected beauty

JJ231 By Mark Leach
A good friend found this photo of my kids earlier this week and posted it to Facebook. I found myself transfixed by it. I wonder if you see what I see?

Rival abortionist calls Planned Parenthood 'the Walmart of abortion clinics'

Abortionconflictbook By Sarah Terzo
I ran across a quote by a practicing abortionist that demonstrates that abortion clinics are primarily businesses, and that they compete for patients. With abortion rates dropping, abortion clinics are struggling to keep their doors open.

Obamacare Dooming Democratic Senate Hopefuls

Obamacare7 By Andrew Bair
Obamacare is moving poll numbers against Democrats and even some of the law's supporters are beginning to fear the effect it may have on the 2014 midterm elections.

Understanding why pro-abortionists believe they are "Winning Legal Battles but losing the larger war"

abortionnochances  By Dave Andrusko
So what does pro-abortion scribe Tara Culp-Ressler mean when she writes "Abortion Rights Are Winning Legal Battles, But Losing The Larger War"?

A Very Bad Day at the office for President Obama on two Sunday talk shows

Obama208 By Dave Andrusko
A healthy-size snowstorm was enough to put me hours behind yesterday, which means I did not get to three stories that I wanted to post about.

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It's Down Syndrome Day, but for how long?

Dr. Brian Stotko with his sister Kristin Editor's note. This first appeared at We interview a doctor with a passion to serve people with Down syndrome – even before they are born.

Mom makes sure son can spend time with his lost sibling, places sandbox at his gravesite so brother can play with him

Some of the items that go "viral" on Facebook most people would sincerely wish wouldn't. But occasionally, like Ashlee Hammac's tribute to Ryan, her son who died at five days,

Pro-abortion Democrats in the Iowa Senate rebuff call for vote on web-cam abortions

Sen. David Johnson, R-Ocheyedan, speaks at a news conference Monday seeking a vote on a bill to ban telemedicine abortions. He spoke in front of a stack of petitions with signatures from thousands of Iowans opposed to such abortions. / The Register By Dave Andrusko
While their chances were slim and none, nine Iowa Republican state Senators nonetheless held a press conference today to ask their pro-abortion Democratic colleagues who control the chamber to permit a vote on a bill

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