Friday, March 14, 2014

From Live Action: Hollywood's abortion problem?

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Why miscarriage matters when you're pro-life

Two women leave abortion clinic via ambulance

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The fact that the pro-abortion movement is fueled by a perpetual sense of victimhood isn’t good for our society, but it does have its entertaining moments: every so often, its members get so desperate for new enemies that they turn on their own allies. At PolicyMic, Cari Romm delivers the grim news about “Hollywood’s problem with abortion,” which she sees exposed by a study Cassy Fiano discussed for Live Action back in January.
Yes, Hollywood is apparently now part of the Patriarchal Anti-Choice Conspiracy. Read more...

Why we must stop the dismemberment of living children

Last week, SB 46 passed unanimously through the South Dakota Senate. It is a bill that would make it a felony to “intentionally, willfully, and maliciously inflict gross physical abuse on an animal that causes prolonged pain, that causes serious physical injury, or that results in the death of the animal.”
Imagine discovering that it was actually a veterinarian who regularly ripped the heads off puppies and crushed their skulls. It would be hard to decide whether to call the police or to deal with the veterinarian yourself. Read more...
Rival abortionist calls Planned Parenthood "the Walmart of abortion clinics" I ran across a quote by a practicing abortionist that demonstrates that abortion clinics are primarily businesses, and that they compete for patients. With abortion rates dropping, abortion clinics are struggling to keep their doors open. Dr. Peter Bours, who has been performing abortions since at least as far back as 1985, when the New York Times profiled him in an article (Dudley Clendinen “The Abortion Conflict: What it Does to One Doctor”)   was quoted in the pro-choice book Safe, Legal and Unavailable? Abortion Politics in the United States (2007) calling Planned Parenthood “the Walmart of abortion clinics.” Read more...
Saturday Night Lies: Lena Dunham perpetuates Planned Parenthood propaganda, fails miserably Saturday Night Live this week pushed Planned Parenthood’s propaganda and bashed men who shut down Planned Parenthoods as being anti-woman in a skit that was painful to watch.
Lena Dunham hosted this week’s episode of SNL. Dunham is a controversial feminist who stars in “Girls,” a vulgar HBO program. She was honored by Planned Parenthood in 2013 – which could explain why SNL’s ratings tanked last Saturday. The sketch was “not funny, not cool, depressing and lame,” as some tweeted while watching the show. Read more...
Vanity Fair's NuvaRing sting takes a page out of Live Action's book
For nearly a decade, Live Action has been turning out nationally acclaimed exposés on Planned Parenthood and other members of the abortion industry in America. These projects have shown the abortion industry for what it is: racist, inhuman, deceitful, dangerous, anti-woman, and greedy. Live Action president Lila Rose’s work has grabbed media attention, and in some cases has caused outrage among abortion advocates, and, of course, Planned Parenthood itself.
But mainstream media are now heeding the wake-up call regarding Planned Parenthood’s unethical framework, and calling the abortion conglomerate out on its shoddy work. Read more...

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