Friday, March 21, 2014

Live Action News Update

Live Action News Update
Told to abort, glad they chose life

"I pray to my daughter for forgiveness every day."

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Most abortion advocates are careful to act as if they’re not really fans of abortion. No one likes abortion, they’ll say. It’s a necessary decision that is painful for most women and they always think long and hard about it, and it isn’t a choice that is made cavalierly. No one wants to have an abortion, they’ll say. It’s only about “choice”.
Unfortunately, sometimes they let the mask slip and expose their rabid fanaticism for abortion show. The most recent person to do this is pro-abortion femisogynist extremist Amanda Marcotte in a two-part rant on Raw Story. Read more...

Dear future mom: a message of hope from children with Down syndrome

One pregnant mother recently discovered her future son would have Down syndrome. She sent an email to CoorDown, an Italian organization that advocates for children with Down syndrome, looking for help with the anxiety she felt.
Here was their response.
Feminist professor physically attacks a pro-life teenDr. Miller-Young has spent years studying the inequities black sex workers face, enduring what she calls “multiple axes of discrimination and harm.”  In her sphere of influence, Mireille works hard to expose “structural inequalities and social biases black women face in the adult industry.”
One would think that with those credentials, regardless of a woman’s political persuasion, Mireille’s advocacy of “women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men” would embrace and advance those equalities for all women.
Wrong!
The postpartum body: Ruined, or empowered?
A woman’s body, before ever carrying and bearing a child, is brimming with untapped power and potential. Her anatomy is, in every way, designed for the journey of motherhood — down to her last chromosome. Her pelvic bones are set wider than a man’s, so that they can expand to accommodate the passage of her baby’s tiny body (which, at that moment, doesn’t seem so tiny!). Her breasts are filled with ducts — unique to the female body — to accommodate the milk that her body will begin to manufacture before her little one is even outside of the womb. Once he is born, just watching him sleep or hearing him cry will trigger her body’s milk-making powers. Read more...
Science writer outraged over Nazi analogy to new IVF experiment; toying with human life, not so much
Any responsible practice of science must bind itself to ethical standards that remind us of science’s just purpose, the betterment of human life, which cannot be achieved by violating human rights. But disturbingly, too many in our culture find noticing and describing such violations more offensive than the violations themselves. Read more...

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