Saturday, March 29, 2014

Heroic News: “After IVF, we became pregnant with triplets...” plus 3 more


It is not painless for the child, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Abortion is not an excision of a featureless bunch of cells; it is infanticide. We have revived the practice of child sacrifice to the new deities of casual sex and convenience.
image002From a physician’s perspective, this is pure madness. Never, not once, have I heard from my patients that they are having trouble finding or paying for birth control. My patients are not law school students looking forward to lucrative jobs like Sandra Fluke, or soccer moms who drive Range Rovers and find that two children is all they can juggle. They are people working hard at the lower rungs, many of them illegal and in constant risk of deportation. They know that birth control is cheap and even free, if you take the time to find one of the lavishly funded Planned Parenthood offices that mysteriously are always located in neighborhoods like theirs. Oh, and there’s always the calendar!
The horror stories from Britain in relation to abortion just keep coming. It seems as if they are getting steadily worse.
A family is campaigning for Texas to legalize euthanasia after starving a 21-month-old girl to death.