Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heroic News: “SCOTUS sets date for Hobby Lobby contraception case” plus 10 more


The Supreme Court has set the date for oral arguments for Hobby Lobby’s challenge to the Obama HHS mandate. The nation’s highest court will hear debate from attorneys representing the Christian-owned business and the Obama administration on Tuesday, March 25 at 10 a.m.
Broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon is under fire for defending its decision to provide hard-core porn titles with child and incest themes. The company was included in the 2014 Dirty Dozen List of pornography’s leading facilitators, compiled by Morality in Media (MIM), a national organization that opposes pornography.
On the advice of a doctor, a premature baby boy’s life was saved after his parents incubated him inside a polystyrene icebox for five months, Cover Asia Press reported.
When sex is divorced from procreative potential, infidelity abounds. Sexual license thrives. Pornography flourishes. Divorce abounds. Most tragically, when sex becomes merely about pleasure, it seems to lose its full splendor, and becomes a commodity, an exchange, or a service. It is no wonder that the boundaries of sexual expression are pushed ever outward, as men and women seek to find some meaning, some reality, some happiness, apart from the profound, creative, regenerative reality of a fruitful conjugal life.
Today’s “field hospital” must aggressively treat the vicious cancer of pornography, which lies at the heart of our societal ills. “Unchastity,” wrote Joseph Pieper in The Four Cardinal Virtues, “begets a blindness of spirit which practically excludes all understanding of the goods of the spirit; unchastity splits the power of decision.”
BabyChloeTexasAbandoned-246px-240x162“I’m expecting a baby,” she wrote. “I’ve discovered he has Down syndrome. I’m scared: What kind of life will my child have?”
Feminism is a top down social movement controlled by the political class which is exploited to promote cultural marxism, confuse gender roles, denigrate men and mislead women – all while completely ignoring genuine women’s rights issues. Here are ten ways in which true feminism is under attack.
A U.S. District Court’s ruling against Arkansas’ fetal heartbeat-based abortion restrictions disappointed pro-life advocates, but they said the effort still helps the unborn.
Lexi was pregnant and felt she had no choice. She went to the abortion clinic to get “rid of” her 13 week “problem” so that she could get on with her life. The clinic verified her pregnancy, placed three seaweed sticks in her cervix to dilate her and asked her to return for a surgical abortion because of how far along she was.
Earlier this year we learned that, in New York City, more black babies are aborted than born. Dr. King takes on abortion giant Planned Parenthood each year, as she steps to the fore to remind America that Planned Parenthood’s legacy is completely out of step with the views of her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr. In a recent video address from Priests for Life, Dr. King once again set the record straight regarding her uncle’s pro-life convictions.
Heart attacks at 3-weeks-old. Dramatically infertile parents. Extreme pre-natal trauma. Some babies have a harder time than others making it into this world