Thursday, March 20, 2014

From SFLA: students save baby!

March 20, 2014

Students Save a Baby

Find out how one group of courageous high school students in Tucson started their community's first 40 Days for Life campaign and already have saved a life in front of the abortion facility!

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April Event-in-a-Box

As abortion abolitionists, we recognize that the preborn are  at a distinct disadvantage in this world. Some may argue that it is a necessary evil to kill the preborn in order to alleviate the burden of a woman in poverty, protect society from overpopulation, or even resolve the suffering of a woman who has been abused. However, we know that abortion is never a just solution to an unjust situation. Abortion complicates relationships, emotionally harms women, and abandons women when they need love and support.

This month, be an advocate for social justice! Advocate for the just treatment and protection of preborn children. Advocate for resources for women in unplanned pregnancies. Educate your campus using flyers, film screenings, chalking, or presentations. We challenge you to speak out for the most vulnerable among us.

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#WhathasRoeDone Tour Update!

by: Rebekah Barnes, Northwest Regional Coordinator

The What Has Roe Done for Us? Tour is continuing to travel across the U.S. to courageous student groups!!!

Our team at Students for Life (SFLA) comes up with a lot of fun and edgy ideas. I still remember sitting around the table at the SFLA office when we started brain storming about creating a display that would allow us to challenge the abortion myths that we need to keep abortion legal because abortion helps women. From that conversation, the Roe Display was born. Nine months later, my car stuffed to the brim with the Roe Display, I was on the road heading to test out this display on one of Oregon’s most liberal campuses – Oregon State University.

I have to be honest, I don’t like controversy just for the sake of controversy, and I was a little bit worried about what we might encounter that day. I love dialogue, I love making people think, and I love challenging misconceptions. I was hoping the display would do all of this, but I wasn’t sure because I hadn’t been able to test it myself.

The display itself was intimidating to me. The 13 panels listed all the ways that abortion hurts women. We have panels that talk about how abortion hurts women, we have panels that show the faces of the abortionists and we even have a panel with an autopsy photo of a woman killed by abortion. How would students respond to this display? Would they just think we were being sensationalist? To top it off, the weather report called for an entire week of rain!!!

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National Attention! Job Opportunity Interview on The Blaze

Branford High School Students for Life continues to get national attention after their school administration censors their pro-life events:

Do you want the chance to save lives every week, help women facing crisis, and educate an entire community about abortion? A local pro-life organization in Colorado is looking to hire a full-time Executive Director, so this could be your chance.

Candidates must be skilled or have previous experience in the pro-life movement (some sidewalk counseling preferred), using social media platforms, public speaking, writing, and event planning experience.

Qualified candidates can send resumes to

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, was again featured on the The Blaze. This time she discussed incidents where pro-life student's 1st Amendment rights were impeded upon. Watch now: