Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heroic News: “Sick: DC Abortion Fund rewards donors with a free coat-hanger pendant


In the world of social media, instant news has become a way of life. Thanks to Twitter and the diffusion of information at less than a moment’s speed, the DC Abortion Fund’s latest outrage has nowhere to hide.
For decades, pro-choice lobbyists have fought any legislation that puts parents between minors and the so-called reproductive healthcare services sold by chains like Planned Parenthood.
On the heels of a number of alleged sexual assaults at the University of Ottawa, the topic of “rape culture” is again in the headlines. Additionally, a U of O student leader Anne-Marie Roy revealed that in a Facebook conversation, several male student leaders had made sexually explicit comments about her—with one comment stating that she should be “sexually punished.”
This past Friday, the website Religion Dispatches published a story criticizing the Pro-Life Action League's Lenten prayer and fasting campaign for abortion advocates Robin Marty, Katie Klabusich and Cheryl Chastine.