Thursday, March 27, 2014

Students for Life of America: did you like Bella?

March 27, 2014


Hosting movie events on your campus is a great way to attract a wider audience and to engage in meaningful discussion about the featured film. Students for Life of America has partnered with Movie to Movement to bring Crescendo to your campus! From the producers of Bella, Crescendo has entered the scene as an internationally acclaimed short film with 11 international awards. The film features Montserrat Espadalé as Maria Magdalena and former Miss USA, Ali Landry, as the teacher.
Learn how to host Crescendo here:

Hobby Lobby & Freedom

Question: What do Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act), a wood company owned by Mennonites, and Hobby Lobby have in common? Answer: The HHS mandate. Tuesday, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood argued their long-fought case before the Supreme Court. The companies are fighting to ensure a fundamental right: the right to life. Continue reading:

The 2 'A' Words

Fashion, sex advice, dating tips, and celebrity gossip, Cosmopolitan’s glossy pages dictate what’s hot and what’s not to an audience searching for advice, pleasure, and distraction. Looking beyond the superficial, we discovered a few interesting pieces that reveal Cosmo’s relationship with the A words (i.e. abortion and adoption). While we won’t be ripping these magazines from your hands, we do ask that you take a moment to consider the message that Cosmo sends our lady friends, particularly the moms and birth moms among us. Find out more:

#Sanger Tweetfest National Community Baby Shower Day! Tweet with Us!

Join SFLA and people from all over the country TODAY to share the disgusting ideologies that Margaret Sanger pushed during her lifetime:

National Community Baby Shower Day is April 26th and 27th! Get your group ready to provide much needed items to families in need. More info:

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