Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Judie Brown: Know Her?

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From the Desk of Judie Brown:

I just once again had a conversation with a "Catholic" lady who should know better.

You've probably had the same conversation. "Catholics" like her want to talk about 'women's rights' -- but not about the rights of girl babies in the womb. They bring up hard-luck stories -- but not the hard luck stories like baby Moses or even baby Jesus for that matter.

Far too many Americans look at a pregnancy as a problem. Far too many American Catholics see abortion as a sensible solution and keep voting for pro-abortion politicians and Planned Parenthood's expansion with our tax dollars.

But we see abortion as it truly is -- a bloody horror! We look at a pregnancy as a blessing, a joy, a wonderful opportunity to live our Faith and spread Christ's love!

We must help the scales fall from the eyes of so many Americans, of so many Catholics! That is why -- in addition to our fantastic and persuasive reports and brochures -- we also insist on showing the world the true bloody horror of Planned Parenthood and surgical abortion!

We need your gift today to defend the babies and defund Planned Parenthood. Will you be a true angel and send a gift today of $25, $50, $127 or even $250?

We need to wake up those who are peacefully and blissfully slumbering ... slumbering their way to hell, if we don't wake them up now!

We love every one of these active or passive abortion supporters so much that we must act! We don't want them going to hell! We really don't! In the best of Catholic charitable tradition, we must wake them up, and sometimes showing them the actual bloody horror of abortion is theonly way!

As I see it -- and I'm sure you do too -- we were put on earth to love and serve the Lord, to follow His ways, to love our neighbors as ourselves. The babies are our neighbors. The 'Catholic' politicians, nuns, priests and bishops who are sitting the battle out, or have talked themselves into a pro-abortion, 'pro-choice' position are also our neighbors.

We must pray for them, we must offer up sacrifices to the Lord for them. We must engage them in intellectual debate if it is helpful. And we must -- we must -- instruct the ignorant andadmonish the sinner. Heck, those are even two of the Spiritual Works of Mercy!

So please "Pray, Fast, and give Alms," as this is still the best way to drive out the demon of abortion.

And do please make a generous gift today. Your gift will be immediately put into the fight, and itwill result in lives and souls saved -- what a great return on investment!

In fact our latest analysis shows that for every donation of $127 we save another life!

So, please, if you can send $127 today, or even much more or whatever amount is given from your heart, I know Christ Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints will lovingly smile down on you and bless our work.

I hope you stand with us as we work to save all babies -- no exceptions, no compromise -- from Planned Parenthood and the Death Peddlers.

So, in short, please be assured that I will not apologize, nor will I back down until every single beautiful baby is protected and Planned Parenthood is defunded and driven back to hell from whence it came!

I firmly believe that the Lord of Life expects nothing less of you or I. I firmly believe that we -- you, me, our families, our country, our Church -- will be blessed if we do all we can for the babies.

You are a real blessing and I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely Yours in the Lord Who IS Life,
Judie Brown