Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heroic News: “Catholic father starts online petition in support of life, openness” plus 5 more


In light of the upcoming synod on the family, you no doubt have heard from many people who would like to see a change in the Church’s teachings on family planning. Lest you think there is only one opinion on the matter, we present you with the following petition, signed by supporters and married couples who have embraced the Church’s teachings with great joy.
In their first face-to-face meeting, Pope Francis reiterated the Catholic Church's concerns with President Barack Obama's policies on abortion, conscience rights, and freedom of religion.
"An aborted baby deserves to be grieved. A miscarried one deserves to be gotten over. And quickly. An aborted baby could have been the next Einstein or Bach or Mother Theresa. A miscarried baby was probably damaged goods. An aborted baby was killed against God's design. A miscarried baby fulfilled God's plans."
“She was chit-chatty at first,” began "full-spectrum" doula Annie Robinson, describing one of her first clients. “She didn't seem anxious, didn't seem like she particularly had much to say. And then, the [abortion] procedure began and I stood beside her…"
Health Canada said in a statement on Wednesday that it has asked companies to add new warnings to packages advising women that the abortion drug, also known as the morning-after pill, is less effective in women who weigh between 165 and 176 pounds.
The see-saw has tipped again in Michigan’s volatile same-sex marriage brouhaha.